Denzel Washington Revives Training Day’s Famous Monologue On ‘Inside The NBA’


Denzel Washington recently went viral for reciting a line from Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” Now, the Academy Award-winning actor reached back into his memory bank to relive a scene from one of his most memorable films.

During an interview on TNT’s Inside the NBA, former pro-athlete Shaquille O’Neal asked Washington for a huge favor: to recite the classic “King Kong ain’t got s**t on me!” monologue from Training Day. Right away, Alonzo came seeping out of Washington’s demeanor and gave the panel a hearty laugh.

During a past interview at a media summit for the film, Washington told reporters that this role ranks up there with his other acclaimed portrayals. He went on to win the Oscar for Best Actor in 2002. “I’ve always said this and I guess I’ve proven it now, but I’ve always done what pleases me,” he said. “I like this role and am positive some people won’t like it. I enjoyed it as much as any other role I’ve played.”

Revisit the original version below.