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Report: Cops Allegedly Yelled Racial Slurs While Shooting At Diante Yarber

According to authorities, the victim was shot after reversing his car and then moving quickly toward police officers.

Diante Yarber was shot and killed while seated at the wheel of a Ford Mustang in a San Bernardino Walmart parking lot earlier this month (Apr. 5). The parking lot wasn’t vacant, and onlookers reported counting as many as 30 shots fired. Yarber was pierced by the bullet more than ten times. Additionally, witnesses reported that racial slurs were shouted at Yarber. "[Expletive] we're gonna kill you," Attorney Lee Merritt gathered from a bystander's interview, according to ABC 7.

There was no clear reason for the incident. According to authorities, the victim was shot after reversing his car and then moving quickly toward police officers. Authorities reported that he hit their cruisers when he reversed his car again. But attorneys are calling the shooting unjustified, no matter the offense.

Attorney Lee Merritt said that Yarber died of asphyxiation, after having choked on his own blood. He died on the scene as cops did not take him to a hospital. Yarber was unarmed.

Barstow Police Chief Albert Ramirez Jr. reported that the officers "feared for their lives." He alleged that the incident can be traced back to a March 18 police chase. Yarber was reportedly driving a stolen Hyundai but he escaped, ABC 7 notes. Ultimately, this event inspired the execution, Ramirez said. An officer stopped the Mustang for traffic-related reasons. Then, he recognized Yarber and asked him to step out. Yarber, instead, attempted to drive off, allegedly.

One officer of the four involved was Jimmie Alfred Walker who has been charged with a hate crime after stopping and assaulting a man and a woman while calling them epithets. Two of the officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

There were four passengers in the car at the time, two of which were young men that fled. The 23-year-old woman in the passenger seat had multiple gunshot wounds and was airlifted to a trauma center.

The officers all wore body cameras but the footage will not be released while the investigation is being carried out. For now, there is only footage from bystanders, not clear enough to make out what transpired. Yarber was 26 and left three children behind. His family intends to file a lawsuit against Barstow.

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YG Shares Fourth Album Title Ahead Of May Release Date

YG is preparing to bless fans with a highly-anticipated full-length album since he announced its release for May 3. Now, in an interview with Billboard, the "FDT" rapper shared the fourth studio project's name, 4REAL 4REAL.

The 29-year-old artist revealed that being in the studio is where he feels unabashedly free, especially given this tough time since his longtime friend Nipsey Hussle was murdered on March 31. "If I'm not doing music, I feel depressed," he said. "I feel like I ain't sh*t. I like to create, and right now, I know where I want to be, and I know how to get there."

The Compton native's previous album, Stay Dangerous, hosts singles like "Big Bank," "Handgun," and other cuts featuring Jay 305 like "Bulletproof," "Slay" with Quavo," and "Power" featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

"From my first album to my second album, and from my second album to my third album, it took me two years to put out each project," he said. "That wasn't my choice. Life was changing: I got shot, I had a daughter. It was crazy—it took a little longer."

YG's upcoming project was originally slated for a mid-April release, but when the shocking news of Hussle's passing hit, the famed rapper placed a halt on the soundscape's debut. During his first weekend set at Coachella, YG said he was able to push through the performance given his consumption of alcohol. "But my ni**a gone," he said, per HipHopDX. "I got to deal with the sh*t. So I decided to push my album back to May 3."


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It ain’t right that the homie is gone and not here with his kids and family this Easter. With all the love that’s bein shown & everything great the homie set up and left behind for his family and kids I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND! Forever @nipseyhussle the gr8 😢💙💙💔💔

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Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speaks during a gathering of the National Action Network April 5, 2019 in New York.
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Elizabeth Warren Details Proposal To Eliminate Student Debt

The race to Election 2020 is starting off with a bang as Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has proposed a plan to eliminate student debt.

Warren laid out her plan on Monday (April 22), her being the first out of the long list of Democratic candidates to feature a detailed plan for the controversial topic. Warren says her proposal would benefit 95 percent of the 45 million borrowers and eliminate the debt of 75 percent of them. The plan will cost a reported $1.25 trillion over 10 years and would be funded by a proposed tax on the wealth of millionaires who are making more than $50 million as well as billionaires.

The proposal would wipe out up to $50,000 in student debt with household incomes under $100,000 and smaller amounts for those who are bringing in $250,000. “It’s time to end that experiment, to clean up the mess it’s caused and to do better,” Warren wrote in a Medium post about her plan. “We can make big structural change and create new opportunities for all Americans.”

Like many of her progressive peers like Bernie Sanders, Warren also plans to make public college tuition-free, except Warren is also promising to increase funds for Pell grants by $100 billion and provide a $50 billion fund to assist historically black colleges and universities.

Her plan sounds promising, especially to black and Hispanic student debt holders. In 2018, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) revealed 86.8 percent of black students borrow more federal loans than white students (59.9 percent). The study also shows Hispanic students borrow at high rates as well: 65% at public four-year colleges and 73.5% at private four-year colleges.

So far, Warren is nearly at the bottom of the list of her contenders like former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders. A poll from Real Clear Politics shows interest in Vice President Joe Biden, who is expected to announce his official candidacy this week.

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Flint Residents Will Reportedly Have The Ability To Sue Federal Government

On Thursday (April 18), Judge Linda Parker stated Flint, Mich., residents may have the power to sue the federal government over the officials' mishandling of the water supply system. Since 2014, residents have navigated life with non-consumable water that was tainted with lead when the city switched its water source.

The news arrives days after the city was approved to receive over $77 million in funds to assist with a new pipeline, water monitoring systems, and other water-based infrastructure needs. According to CNN, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan judge's memo stated the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mislead its residents when it failed to notify them of the lead-filled water.

"The impact on the health of the nearly 100,000 residents of the City of Flint remains untold. It is anticipated, however, the injury caused by the lead-contaminated public water supply system will affect the residents for years and likely generations to come," Parker said. Through campaigns spearheaded by Little Miss Flint and other activists, and initiatives conducted by artist Jaden Smith, the city's residents are steadily receiving assistance in adequate drinking water.

In January, an appeals court stated that federal civil lawsuits against the city of Flint would be permissible, The Hill notes.

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