Trump Campaign Reportedly Leverages Kanye West Support For Fundraising


If you’ve been keeping up with Kanye West, you know that his most recent strings of tweets have aligned him with the GOP and, more significantly, with President Donald Trump. After West boasted about a signed hat from the president, “MAGA” suddenly became more than a slang term. It permeated the minds of fans and came in contact with those who weren’t devotees of the Yeezus rapper otherwise. West’s ideas rolled off the tongues of former allies, but as his wife, Kim Kardashian West, noted, “Kanye will never run in the race of popular opinion.”

Amongst other things, the signed hat became a marketing tool, selling Trump’s campaign with and through the support of West. The endorsement proved fruitful for Trump, his team jumping on the chance to raise money and spread the word, Complex reports. Amanda Hess of the New York Times and Julie Bykowicz of the Wall Street Journal posted screenshots of a text that all Trump supporters received from the campaign.

“We support Kanye speaking his mind, even if sometimes we do not agree on the issues,” it reads. “Do not let them silence you. “Get your red MAGA hat today.” The GOP also advertised the MAGA merchandise.

Despite the outrage that West has incited, the general response and impact are only due to his lengthy hiatus, and thus, a disconnect between himself and his fan base. It’s not his first time being vocal about supporting Trump or encouraging that validation.

In August 2016, the producer/fashion designer met with the then president-elect at Trump Tower, voicing concern about the lack of change in his home city of Chicago. In November of the same year, West stopped a concert to tell black people to “stop focusing on racism.” “The world is racist, okay?” he said. “Let’s stop being distracted. We are in a racist country. Period.” He told fans that, had he voted, he would have voted for Trump.

Fans and stars have allegedly unfollowed Ye at unimaginable rates since the onset of his latest reveal. Many fans have called his mental health into question but KKW has assured fans that West is as well as they come.