Father Of Toddler Found Dead In Suitcase Now Facing Charges For Alleged Involvement


Earlier this month, 23-month-old Te’Myah Plummer’s body was found dead in a suitcase next to PATH train tracks in Jersey City. Police were desperately searching for her father as she was originally reported missing in Virginia. According the the New York Posther father was tracked by the FBI and arrested in Puerto Rico and is now waiting to be extradited back to New Jersey to face the charge of desecrating human remains.

The cause of the death of the nearly two-year-old toddler is still unknown, however, the Hudson County prosecutor’s office believes she died before even making it to New Jersey. According to NBC News 4, her body was found on April 11 wrapped in a blanket inside of the suitcase and placed under train tracks near Jersey City’s Journal Square station.

The father, Travis Lamont Plummer, was found on April 19 in San Juan, Puerto Rico despite the fact that the family of the toddler had not seen her since August of last year. On March 21, the Richmond police released a statement about the missing child stating, “We would like to hear from whomever may be caring for Te’Myah Plummer, probably a family member. We need to confirm she is safe.”

The crime scene was even said to have “rattled” veteran homicide detectives on the Newark side of the Jersey City-Journal Square station. It is not known if Plummer has yet to retain a lawyer.