Flatbush Zombies Receive Marketing Advice From Lin-Manuel Miranda And More In ‘Vacation (The Movie)’


Brooklyn’s trippy trio, The Flatbush Zombies, tapped into the talents of show business veterans like Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, and rapper-turned-actor Ice T, for their short film Vacation (The Movie).

The Phillip T. Annand-directed film – released a day before their second album Vacation In Hell dropped (Apr. 5) – is set in a Brooklyn diner where the group actively hypothesizes ways they can avoid the famed “Sophomore Slump” and weather the storm that is Cardi B. Amidst a hysterical brainstorming session where they struggle to find a gimmick that will help market their album, the Zombies receive passing advice from famous friends like A$AP Twelvvy, John Leguizamo, and more.

Vacation (The Movie) not only addresses the duality and uncertainty artists face when releasing a project but also speaks to the sensationalism that permeates through pop culture. As a result of the honesty, humor, and creativity that The Flatbush Zombies provide via Vacation (The Movie), this short film might be the group’s most effective promotional tool to date.