Florida Police Use A Dead Man’s Finger To Try And Unlock His iPhone


Linus Phillip Jr’s girlfriend had some harsh words for the Largo, Florida police department. Victoria Armstrong accused them of going to the funeral home and using his finger to try and gain access to his iPhone. “So they are allowed to pull him out of the refrigerator and use a dead man’s finger┬áto get to his phone. Its disgusting,” Armstrong said.

On March 11 Phillip’s 30th birthday, he pulled into a Wawa gas station and was approached by officers for having illegal tinted windows. While standing next to Phillip’s car the officers say they smelled marijuana and it was then he tried to drive off, dragging officer Matthew Steiner. To avoid from being run over Steiner shot his weapon killing Phillip.

Days before the funeral, ABC News reports detectives held Philips hand up against the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor to gain access to his iPhone, however they were unsuccessful. Phillip’s family was at the funeral making arrangements when the detectives arrived.

Lt. Randall Chaney confirmed the incident at the funeral home saying that detectives didn’t need a warrant since there’s no expectation of privacy. When contacted about the incident, Chaney declined to comment further.

“The case is still presently active, however, sometime in the near future the investigation should be concluded and the report will be available for any public records requests,” a spokesperson for the police department said.