Footage Of Safaree Armed Robbery Emerges


Parking lot surveillance of the armed robbery involving Safaree Samuels has come to light.

Obtained by TMZ Wednesday (Apr. 11), the footage corroborates the rapper’s account he shared with Angie Martinez. Two men presumed to be suspects Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts are seen running towards Samuels and his friend in the early hours of Monday, Apr. 2. Armed with guns, the robbers check Safaree’s pockets and order the men to the floor. After getting the rapper’s belongings, they flee with the rapper and his friend running in the opposite direction.

“Two dudes two guns, just ran up on me,” he told Martinez hours later. “Me, face down on the floor, gun to my head. They just took everything.” The men were arrested and remain in police custody. It was later revealed Safaree knows Harewood, but hasn’t spoken to him since his breakup with Nicki Minaj. The men stole a reported $183,000 worth of cash and jewelry.

Safaree and his lawyers believe the robbery was planned. A blatant confession by another man involved also appeared online after the incident, suggesting that the rapper was robbery over unpaid production.

“This was not some random stick up attempt, this was an ambush specifically targeting Safaree by several men with guns,” the rapper’s lawyer told reporters. “The actual facts of what happened are chilling and it is only by the grace of god that this incident did not have a different ending and for that we are extremely grateful.”

The rapper has received flack for his reaction to the incident, but hasn’t let it break his spirit. Instead, he’s chosen to take another route–therapy. “Had my first therapy session today and thank God, it was incredible,” he tweeted Tuesday (Apr. 10). “I’m implementing a new rule in my life, no more phone or social media after 9pm. Peace and blessings, gonna get back control of my life!”

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