Former Port Authority Official Badgers New Jersey Cops Over Traffic Stop


According to the Daily News: New Yorka woman named Caren Turner blatantly harassed a pair of New Jersey officers over a traffic stop her teenage daughter was involved in. Turner, a Port Authority board member who oddly enough oversaw the ethics committee, even went as far as to tell the officers to “shut the f**k up” at a point. The entire encounter was captured on the police dash cam and released to the public Tuesday (April 24), which prompted her to resign this week.

Although the video was released to the public on Tuesday, the actual incident took place on March 31. Turner’s daughter, who was just a passenger, called her mother to the site after she learned the police would have the car towed due to lack of vehicle registration. However, upon her arrival she flashed her gold commissioner badge and began insisting she know the specifics of the stop which police are not required to tell her as all person involved were over the age of 18.

Both the officers seemed taken aback by her irate behavior, consistent name-dropping and general disrespect, but remained poised throughout the 16-minute long encounter. Turner, at one point, inched so close towards the officer’s face that he told her to step back from him as he couldn’t “move back any farther.”

The ordeal ended with Turner shaming the officers and telling them they ruined all five people’s holiday weekend. “You are not a nice person and five people are crying. You’ve ruined their Easter. You’ve ruined their Passover.” Turner held her role with the Port Authority until she resigned Monday (Apr. 23) due to news that an inspector general was investigating her misconduct surfaced.

Check out the video below.