Freeway Highlights Kidney Failure During Swift Rap Session With Funkmaster Flex

Rappers, take notes. 

Philadelphia rapper Freeway first burst out into the scene back in 2003 during Roc-A-Fella's records glory days. He debuted with the stellar Philadelphia Freeway, and continued his rap frenzy with Free At Last. Leslie “Freeway” Pridgen is definitely known for his ways with words paired with rollercoaster rhyme schemes. He’s able to tell you his life story with a five-minute long verse, and it’s impressive.

The 39 year-old recently made a pit stop at Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex show where he stepped into the coveted freestyle booth, and gave the masses an almost 10 minute freestyle. During the rap session, he spoke about everything from his health scare with kidney failure to growing up in the grimy streets of North Philadelphia. Everything he touches upon is personal, and its delivery is seamless.

“It’s a new day I got some sh*t to tell ya/I got my sh*t together I suffered kidney failure/And my boy locked up I wouldn’t get to bail him/if he wasn’t upstate I wouldn’t get to mail him/ grew up in the trap crack paraphernalia/,” he rapped.

However, this isn’t the first time the Philly artist has been open about his health struggles. In an interview with he revealed how he found out he had kidney failure, and a frightening time onstage at the Made in America festival in 2015 where he could barely perform due to the pain.

“Before I perform, I always get nervous. It’s just part of being an artist,” he began. “But I never felt how I felt that day…I felt like I couldn’t do it.”

Later that day, he was ushered to a hospital where the doctor diagnosed him with kidney failure. Additionally, he also suffers from high blood pressure. For him, it was pivotal to be transparent about his illness to his fan base; not knowing the effect it would have on them.

“When I came out with my story, you’d be surprised how many people came to me – it was people that I dealt with at least a couple times a month – that had kidney failure. I didn’t even know. They never said nothing to me or told nobody,” he said. “It’s a disease, you know, and ain’t nobody running around saying I got a disease and I’m sick.”

Watch his full sonic confessional above.

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Black Eyed Peas And Nas Release Animated Music Video For "BACK 2 HIPHOP"

On Monday (Dec. 17), the Black Eyed Peas released their music video for the '90s- throwback- influenced record "BACK 2 HIPHOP" featuring Nas, off their latest album Masters of the Sun Vol. 1.

The cinematic-like, five-minute visual features each member of the 'Peas with their own scene, where  they spit bar after bar. The colorful video is part-animated and part live-action, and incorporates inspiration from of the golden age of hip-hop as Ancient Egypt meets the Sci-Fi genre.

All three members wear red and black through the first part of the video, while Nas appears as the Great Sphinx of Giza, reminiscent of the look fans may recall from the cover of his album I Am. A young woman lip-syncs the song's hook, which samples Soul II Soul's 1989 classic hit "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)."

While Pasha Shapiro directed the video, reportedly came up with the concept. The hip-hop group was ecstatic to be able to work with the legendary Queens rapper, revealing, "It was 'iLLMatic,' such an honor to rock with NAS. He is such a huge inspiration to our crew!"


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BACK 2 LIFE, BACK 2 HIPHOP, BACK 2 BEP... Hit the link in bio to check the @complex video premiere for BACK 2 HIPHOP feat. @nas 🙏#mastersofthesun

A post shared by The Black Eyed Peas (Official) (@bep) on Dec 17, 2018 at 7:16am PST

On Wednesday (Dec. 19), the group will be performing the song on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Their seventh album, Masters of the Sun Vol. 1, was released in October and saw the group going back to their old-school roots with political themes.

What are your thoughts on their new music video? Sound off in the comments.

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Blueface Freestyles On Beat Thanks To A Ukulele

Blueface's rising career has been shaded with doubt from the naysayers about his subject content and cadence, but, in the interest of showing versatility, the 21-year-old gave an acoustic set on Twitter.

Joined only by a man holding a ukulele, the "Respect My Cryp’n" rapper sat ontop a silver car delivering some bars. The short video captioned "Famous Cyrp" takes inspiration from the 886011 Records DK affiliate's debut album barring the same name.

Famous cryp

— blueface (@bluefacebleedem) December 15, 2018

Unlike the bulk of the Los Angeles rapper's previous work, this is the first time fans have heard the budding emcee on beat. The new lyricist is usually seconds behind, delivering an off-beat flow, but he has managed to get cosigns from rappers like Drake, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert and surprisingly, Ice Cube.

"They're not ready for it," Blueface said in an interview with Power106 at Rolling Loud. He also shared his excitement over his new found fame. "[I'm on] top of the world."  The former football player has created a cult following. With the up-and-coming rapper's start similar to Tekashi 6ix9ine there have been many comparisons between the red and blue rappers and their lasting impressions on hip-hop.

Watch Blueface hold a beat above.

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Viral Stars Daddy Long Neck And Wide Neck Release Single Accurately Titled "Neckst Up"

These days, it pays to have a viral moment. Charles Dion McDowell, known as wide neck after several of his mugshots (and neck jokes) went viral, has teamed up with another unique fellow to make some kind of music together.

On Sunday (Dec. 16), Wide Neck along with Daddy Long Neck, a social media personality with more 1.4 million followers on Instagram, released a music video for the comedy rap song "Neckst Up."

In a nervous soft relaxed tone, McDowell raps, "Shawty lick me up call me up neeeckst Shawty wanna f**k call me up neeeckst / Shawty suck me up call me up neeeckst / Shawty make it clap call me up neckst."

In the video, Long Neck and Wide Neck stroll through the mall wearing t-shirts that read "All Necks Matter," while taking pictures with fans and having an attractive lady entertain them while sitting down on the bench. The leading lady in the video even goes as far as licking the two internet stars with her long tongue.

Since the release of the video, "Neckst Up" has reached over a million views on YouTube. After McDowell went viral, he connected with Daddy Long Neck, whom he shares a similar abnormal body condition.

Check out the video above.

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