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Halle Berry Is Determined To Keep Her Children Alive In The Trailer For ‘KINGS’

In 1992 South Central Los Angeles, tensions between the black community and law enforcement reached a fever pitch after footage of four white police officers viciously beating Rodney King, a black man, became national news.

With video proof of King’s beating it was assumed the cops involved would be found guilty. Shockwaves rippled through the African-American community when their acquittal was handed down, and in response riots throughout the city occurred.

It’s this historical backdrop that sets the scene for Halle Berry’s newest film, KINGS. The Academy-Award winner plays Mellie, a ferociously protective foster mother of eight who after learning of the verdict tries to keep her children safe. During the thick of the riots, Mellie must lean on her loose-cannon neighbor Obie, played by Daniel Craig, as they search the neighborhood trying to find her children who left looking for her.

Mellie and Obie must work together to stay alive while hoping they find Mellie’s children alive as a contentious police state and angry citizens come to a head on the streets of Los Angeles. KINGS open nationwide in theaters Friday, April 27, which is also the 26 year anniversary of the L.A.riots.

Watch the trailer below.

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