Hazel-E Opens Up To Iyanla About Childhood Assault At The Hands Of “Black Girls”


Iyanla Vanzant is back again to help fix the life of reality star Hazel-E, formerly known as Arica Adams. The Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star came under fire last October as her and her boyfriend at the time, Rose Burgundy, went on a hate-filled rant openly bashing the LGBTQ community as well as dark-skinned women. The rants cost the reality star her position on the show.

From clips released on Thursday (Apr. 12), it seems as Iyanla opens up the discussion by making Hazel read her rap lyrics to “trailblazing” black women in her “legacy room.” The 37-year-old sheepishly obliges citing that it would be “embarrassing” and begins reading lyrics like “pop my butt, pop, pop, my butt” to a photo of the late Dorothy Dandridge. When asked who Septima Clark, who played a pivotal role for voting and civil rights, and Pearl Bailey, an American actress and singer, were Hazel could only reply “I don’t know.”

“When we talk about foundation, this is what you stand on. These black women of all shades and hues. Do you know what those women had to do so you could even be on television?” said Vanzant.

As the episode progresses, Iyanla sits down with Hazel and her mother to discuss the alleged sexual assault the rapper endured as a child. The 64-year-old believes that Hazel’s abuse at the hands of “dark-skin girls” caused her racist social media outburst last year. However, instead of using that as a crutch, Iyanla calls upon other black women in the industry to express to Hazel how hateful her comments were to the community as a whole.

The full episode is set to air April 14 at 9 p.m. on OWN.