Iggy Azalea’s New Stance On Racism: “There’s Privilege That Comes With The Color of Your Skin”

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Iggy Azalea has often been caught on the negative end of the storm when it comes to the discussion concerning privilege, cultural appropriation, and racism. While her previous comments regarding the subjects have garnered negative reactions and tons of hate, it seems as though the Aussie rapper has altered her stance quite a bit. In a new interview with GQ, she acknowledged her own privilege and how institutionalized racism plays a large role in society.

“I understand that in America there is institutionalized racism and there is privilege that comes with the color of your skin,” she stated. “I want you to acknowledge my work and [to understand] that this wasn’t easy but I also don’t want to detract from or trivialize any people of colors’ position because that’s legitimate.”


While she was able to realize that white privilege is real and active, Iggy asserts the idea that the public refuses to validate her success due to her being “a white woman from Australia.” Although the color of hr skin may suggest certain advantages, Iggy said that she hasn’t always benefited from it due to socio-economic restraints. “I don’t wanna say that everyone’s feelings about racial privilege are invalid ‘cause I was poor. But how do we have a conversation where I’m not discrediting either scenario?”

Iggy’s latest statements, while still flawed, are a step up from her previous position on the subject. In the interview, she touched on her silence on Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and other social issues, reasoning that it’s hard for her to take action as an immigrant. “I’m not trying to go to a protest where they’re arresting celebrities and making an example of them because I’ll get deported,” she explained. Even so, she asserts that those issues do matter to her. “I understand why people criticize that because I have a voice in hip-hop. I make ‘black’ music,” she added. “I don’t want people to think it’s not something I care about.”

You can read the full interview here.

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