J. Cole Debuts ‘KOD’ Trailer, Explains Meaning Of Album Title


It’s been a busy week for J. Cole.

After an abrupt album announcement and impromptu listening sessions in New York and London, debuting the cover art, and finally, with just hours before he drops the new LP, the reclusive North Carolina rapper is breaking down the title behind his already highly anticipated release.

On Thursday (April 19), Cole debuted a nearly two-minute trailer confirming that the album is an acronym for three different titles: “Kids on Drugs”, “King Overdose,” and “Kill Our Demons.”

In the footage, a distorted voice that sounds a lot like Cole (or perhaps it’s kiLL edward, an apparent alter ego that the internet uncovered pretty quickly), explains how we’re inundated with medication.

“If I turn on the TV right now, it’s not going to be long before an advertisement pops up that says ‘are you feeling down? Have you been having lonely thoughts?’ And then they shove a pill in your face” the voice says of the “Kids on Drugs” title. “The first response to any problem is medicate.”

The second meaning, “King Overdose” is “representing me… the times that I was — and am —afflicted by the same methods of escape, whether it be alcohol, phone addiction, women…,” he explains.

Lastly, “Kill Our Demons,” represents breaking free of past trauma. “That’s the end goal, to face our sh*t, realize we have some sh*t going on inside—everybody,” he says. “I realized everybody family is f*cked up because nobody is f*cking perfect. Whether you want to or not, you’re going to f*ck up your kids in some type of way, because you got f*cked up in some type of way ..the plan is to f*ck your kids up the least amount possible.

“Kill Our Demons is like, finding that sh*t, whether it be from traumatic childhood experiences, whether it be from a lack of attention, confidence issues, insecurities—whatever it is, we gotta’ be honest with ourselves. Look in the mirror or look inside and ask ourselves questions, like ‘what’s causing me to run to this thing as an escape?’ And once I find the root of that, let me look it in its face an see what it really is.”

Peep the trailer below.


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