J. Cole Brings Meaning Of ‘KOD’ To Life With Trippy Album Art

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Shortly after announcing his fifth studio album, J. Cole dropped the art work for KOD on Apr. 18, featuring two extravagant paintings. While the meaning of his album title is still up for debate, the cover seems to ties in multiple fan theories.

The front cover features a painting of Cole decorated in king’s attire – a cape and crown over his dreads. Peeking out through his dress, are a handful children. Each child appears to be partaking in an illegal substance, including cocaine, lean, marijuana, and acid. Other children appear to be melting away to skeletons as the cape closes. There is also a disclaimer in white text: “This album is in now way intended to glorify addiction.”

On the back of the cover, there are more children, wildin’ out on a purple clouds. The back cover features a 12-song tracklist, and unlike Cole’s previous album, KOD will have one feature, Kill Edward (fans suspect this could be his alter ego).

It’s a little unclear why the Dreamville artist chose to go in this direction, but many believe it is connected to the album’s meaning. Fans have previously suspected that the title means: Kids on Drugs, King Overdose, or Kill Our Dreams. According to fans who attended his concerts at his pop-up shows in New York City and London, it is in fact Kids on Drugs,  which refers to the usage of drugs to escape coping with personal issues.

J. Cole’s KOD drops on Apr. 20. Check out the album art above.

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