Janelle Monae Reveals ‘Dirty Computer’ Track List


Janelle Monae has been gearing up fans for the release of her highlight-anticipated album Dirty Computer. The “I Like That” musician has released the aforementioned, as well as the audio and visuals for “Make Me Feel,” “Pynk” and “Django Jane.” Now, Ms. Monae dropped the track list for the Apr. 27 LP. Additionally, the artist will premiere her “emotion picture” on BET and MTV on Thursday, Apr. 26.

“Repeat after me, “I am a Dirty Computer.” – then click the following link to enter the #DirtyComputer tracklist reveal experience,” she wrote on Twitter. The link transports eager fans to a website, where they must type “I am a Dirty Computer” in order to enter the site.

Each of the 14 tracks revealed include a brief description of the track. “Crazy, Classic, Life” was inspired by Wakanda’s vibranium, while fans can thank Eve from the Garden of Eden for “Take A Byte,” just to name a few.

There’s also no shortage of guest appearances on Dirty Computer. The title track features The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, and Zoe Kravitz, Grimes and Pharrell Williams will be heard as the album moves from track-to-track.

Check out the track list below, and get into the song’s descriptions here.

01 Dirty Computer [ft. Brian Wilson]
02 Crazy, Classic, Life
03 Take a Byte
04 Jane’s Dream
05 Screwed [ft. Zoë Kravitz]
06 Django Jane
07 PYNK [ft. Grimes]
08 Make Me Feel
09 I Got the Juice [ft. Pharrell Williams]
10 I Like That
11 Stevie’s Dream
12 Don’t Judge Me
13 So Afraid
14 Americans