John Legend Talks Kanye West And Leaked Texts On ‘Ebro In The Morning’


Singer John Legend called into Ebro In the Morning on Friday (Apr. 27) to discuss the whirlwind of a week that occurred at the hands of Kanye West and his tweets showing his utter admiration for President Trump. The soon-to-be father of two attempted to explain to Kanye what his tweets may be interpreted as to fans; however a brazen Kanye leaked the texts between the two instead of understanding Legend’s message.

When the “All of Me” singer was asked how he felt after the texts were leaked, he responded that he was in shock, yet proud of what he said. “I was shocked when it happened. Then I was like well I’m proud of what I said. It can’t be that bad. At least I didn’t say anything I didn’t want other people to know that I thought. I felt like I’m not mad that people saw it because at least they know where I’m coming from. I didn’t actually mind it when I thought about it for a second, but I was shocked when it first happened,” said Legend.

Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen have become notably close to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and often post their couple outings to social media. Pre-Trump tweets, Teigen (who is known for her Twitter antics) even poked fun Kanye alongside wife Kim. Due to his closeness to the rapper, the 39-year-old believes that Kanye’s views Trump as more of a “marketing triumph” than anything else.

“Kanye when he talks about Trump, I feel like he is thinking about him more in as a marketing triumph. Like, I think he sees certain aspects of himself in Trump. He sees how brash he is, and that he don’t give a f**k, nobody believes he was going to win, and with a simple message ‘make America great again’ defied all the odds and beat the establishment. I think that’s appealing to Kanye, and I understand why that’s appealing to him, and I understand what’s appealing about it. But politics isn’t just branding and marketing. It’s actual policy and it affects people.”

In an effort to dismantle Kanye’s tweets from gaining legitimacy, Legend took to his own account to speak out against Kanye.

He also hopes that Kanye realizes that Trump’s policies and message isn’t a game. “It’s not a game. This is people’s real life. And if you’re operating from love, and you’re operating from empathy, and you’re looking at what this man [Trump] is actually doing, and trying to do…I don’t see how you align yourself with that and say you’re operating yourself from love.”

Listen to the full interview below.