Joyner Lucas’ “Frozen” Video Is An Emotional Gut-Punch Aimed At Reckless Drivers

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Joyner Lucas continues his rise to rap stardom by dropping off the video for his new single, “Frozen.” Staying in tune with the rapper’s viral sensation, “I Am Not A Racist,” Ben Proulx and Lucas co-directed a chilling visual for the single that attacks the repercussions of distracted driving. Like his breakthrough single, throughout the “Frozen’s” video Lucas’ lyrics are delivered from the mouth of the protagonists, which in this case are those who have died as a result of hazardous driving.

“Frozen” adds to Joyner Lucas’ incredible ascension. After “I Am Not A Racist” amassed more than 50 million views, everyone from Eminem to Boi-1da have enlisted the talents of the Atlantic signee and creative director. Through “Frozen,” Lucas’ fame will undoubtedly grow as he continues to address subject matter that is intimately close to the majority of Americans.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), close to 8,000 people were either killed or injured due to distracted driving in 2015, with the number on the rise. Because of this, “Frozen’s” muse and clever lyrics make it a record that will resonate well with its listeners. Put your phones down on the road, people.

Watch Lucas’ newest gem up top.