Kanye West Reportedly Tells HOT97’s Ebro Darden “I Love Donald Trump”


Kanye West’s return to social media (namely Twitter) ushered in a wave of varying headlines featuring the Chicago native’s political views. Over the weekend, the father-of-three voiced his support for conservative speaker Candace Owens, tweeting that he’s a fan of her thought process. Now, on Monday morning (Apr. 23), the masses learned that Owens isn’t the only political being that’s receiving West’s praise.

On HOT 97’s “Ebro In The Morning,” the titular host shared a phone conversation that he recently had with the “All Of The Lights” rapper. The pair discussed freedom of speech, why West feels no one supported him during his mental breakdown in 2016, and his thoughts on Donald Trump.

According to Ebro, West said: “‘I do love Donald Trump.’ Kanye West, quote, ‘I love Donald Trump…I love Donald Trump.'” In 2016, West met with the then President-elect Trump and sent shockwaves throughout the world wide web when photos of their encounter surfaced. He also shared that if he voted in the election, he would’ve voted for the controversial bigwig.

West’s recent “stream of consciousness” on Twitter also garnered the eyes of Alex Jones, a right-wing radio show host, and purveyor of conspiracy theories. Jones extended an invitation to West to join him on his self-titled show “to see these control-freak vampires really go crazy.”