Kanye West Signed His ‘Pablo’ Tour Merchandise With “Trump”


Kanye West is a big fan of Donald Trump. Not only did he meet with him shortly after he won the 2016 Presidential election, he also told fans during his cancelled Saint Pablo tour that he would have voted for him. Radio show host Ebro informed listeners that during a recent, 30-minute conversation, the Chicago rapper said that he “loved” Trump.

Now, it appears that his admiration for the controversial figure is going further than just conversation. West’s personal videographer White Trash Tyler shared a photo on his Instagram stories showing a pile of merchandise from the Saint Pablo tour. The merchandise was allegedly autographed by Yeezy with the signature “TRUMP.”

After the images of his signed memorabilia got out, the team at Hot 97 had a discussion on Tuesday (Apr. 24) as to why West is a Trump fan, and why he’s pushing it to the brink.

“It allows him later to be like ‘see guys? I was just testing everyone…'” said Hot 97 host Peter Rosenberg. “We know he actually really does love Trump, but now I think because he saw how the story flipped on him yesterday…’I’m gonna go all the way, I’m gonna start signing the name ‘Trump.'”

“I continue to see, ‘do you know why Kanye loves Trump?'” said Ebro, who suggests that he’s using Trump as a way to push an agenda about free thinking.

“…he can then come out later on and go ‘I love people who are themselves…we shouldn’t demonize people who are being themselves. That’s where this is going,” he concluded.

What do you think?

CREDIT: Instagram- @whitetrashtyler