Kid Cudi Returns From Space With New Single, “The Rage”


Following Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’s 2016 release, Kid Cudi has been on a self-imposed hiatus. Yet, on Friday (Apr. 13) the intergalactic traveler returned from outer-space to surprise fans with a new single, “The Rage.”

The melody – which will appear on the soundtrack for the action movie, Rampage – showcases both realms of Cudi’s musical personality. True to his hit-making ability, “The Rage” features a rock-n-roll based instrumental that will appeal to virtually anyone who indulges in the record. Yet, he still incorporates the omniscient hums and lyrical cadences that helped generate his core fan base.

“The Rage” is among one of the few Cudder sightings music has seen lately. Prior to this, the Cleveland-native was last seen in Wyoming reconnecting with Kanye West. With this rare glimpse coming in the form of a song, this could mean more than the optimistic idea that another album nears. It may also speak to Cudi’s improved mental health.

Throughout his tenure, Cudi has been vocal about his struggles with mental health. His encounters have led to substance abuse and stints in rehab, the latest occurring in October 2016. Cudi’s “Is There Any Love?” collaborator, Wale, previously revealed on Rap Radar podcast how their relationship went “left” due to a seemingly manic conversation. But if “The Rage” is any indication of the creative and mental space Cudi is in, then it is great to see the influential artist back to being healthy.