Kur Recalls Traumatic Experiences On “Walk With Me” Feat. Lihtz


Bubbling Philly rapper Kur continues to stay in bullly-mode. Today (April 11), the newcomer released a new song dubbed, “Walk With Me” featuring Lihtz.

Kur’s knack for pinpointing the struggles of small scale hustling, and poverty are just a couple of his strengths. “Walk With Me” plays up those strengths. Here, Kur recalls vivid experiences of being in a shootout, sharing bags of chips with him homeboy and moving Mary Jane, among other sticky situations.

“Where I’m from it rains alot. All that pain made me hot/Gained a lot, lost a lot/Cops blitz, we change the spot/Grabbed a quarter, a half, then I copped an ounce/We wasn’t good at math, but we got that cash that you can count,” raps Kur.

Kur’s buzz has been on a steady rise. The rookie rapper’s, Born Broke, Die Rich, joint project with Dave East was released in 2017. That same year, Kur released his highly respected 180 mixtape. Kur has even clocked in studio hours with Philly natives PnB Rock, Meek Mill and Lil Uzi Vert.

Just last month, Kur released his Madness</em> mixtape.

Stream “Walk With Me” below.