Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Kanye West Tweet Spree And Trump


Many Twitter users have been voicing their opinions on Kanye West. The polarizing MC recently broke a long bout of social media silence, and has been tweeting up a storm about everything from Yeezy shoe designs, to free thinkers, to his admiration of another controversial Gemini- Donald Trump.

Not only has Trump responded to the “Ultralight Beam” musician’s comments as “cool,” he went as far to sign a “Make America Great Again” hat for his admirer.

A tweet to West’s “Touch The Sky” collaborator Lupe Fiasco said the Chicagoan is the “last surviving hope of black nerds everywhere,” and also urged the musician, “don’t let us down.” Fiasco responded to the talk of the Internet with a few words.

“Naaaaaaaaaah don’t run to me now…y’all gotta figure that out,” he wrote. “Holla at K. Dot or Cole I’m on my journey of personal transcendence and playing video games.” As for how he feels about Kanye endorsing Trump, he wrote that 45 is a “terrible human being” and a “f**king demon.”

When asked if he still keeps in touch with the outspoken rapper, Lupe write that while he loves ‘Ye, he would only call him in order to talk to his Kids See Ghost collaborator, Kid Cudi.

“No ill will to Ye in any way…all things reciprocated etc,” he wrote. “Seen his trials and tribulations and can’t take anything away from his journey…remember this the same dude that when he speaks US Presidents respond. Don’t forget about Katrina cuz you don’t like his tweets.”

“…give Ye his props…it ain’t like he out here raping women in real life or making dope dealing and black on black violence look cool derailing an entire generation, again FYI…f**k trump tho.”

Check out some of Lupe’s tweets below.