Man Falls Through Ceiling While Hiding In His Ex-Girlfriend’s Attic


A Kansas woman returned home last week and called police afraid someone broken in when she saw  her door had been chained from the inside out. Authorities arrived and after searching the home, didn’t find anything.

About two hours later, the woman heard a loud noise and realized her ex-boyfriend and father of her three children had been hiding in the attic and his legs punched through the ceiling.

According to the Salina Journal25-year-old Tyler Bergkamp was arrested and accused of criminal damage to property, criminal threat, aggravated burglary, possession of methamphetamine and stalking.

After the police initially searched the home and didn’t find or see anyone, the 23-year-old called over her new boyfriend. At about 11:30PM, the two heard a loud noise. The woman and her new boyfriend saw Bergkamp’s legs as they hung from the ceiling.

Capt. Paul Forrester told the publication the victim’s new boyfriend, pulled Bergkamp from the ceiling and a fight quickly ensued. The 29-year-old man took a large knife that Bergkamp had in his belt and threw it across the room. Forrester said the victim’s new boyfriend then dragged him to the front lawn when police arrived.

The children all under the age of 5-years-old were inside the home.