The Supreme Court To Look Into Meek Mill’s Bail Release


Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, the return of the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA playoffs, and Villanova’s manhandling of the NCAA tournament, Philly has transitioned itself into a city of champions. This poses an unstoppable shift when it was announced Thursday (Apr. 5), that the city’s District Attorney will take Meek Mill’s bail release case to the Supreme Court.

According to Billboard, a representative for the MMG rapper confirmed reports that Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner, not only supports the bail release of the city’s crown jewel, he also filed a motion for the Supreme Court to look into the 30-year-old’s case after the rapper was denied bail in November. Although Krasner advocates for the “Amen” artist’s bail release with the motion reportedly stating the D.A. “does not oppose defendant’s application to the extent he requests release on bail pending the current proceedings, but opposes all other requested relief at this time,” this adds to the growing support the rapper is gaining from key political figures.

After reports of Krasner’s stance were made public they received a strong co-sign from the state’s governor, Tom Wolf. In a two-part tweet, Gov. Wolf claimed that he “supports” Krasner’s decision before admitting that “more needs to be done.”

“Our criminal justice system is in need of repair,” he wrote. “That’s why my administration has made efforts to invest in programs that divert individuals from the system, improve public safety, and promote fairness.”

With the light that is shining not only on Mill’s case but Philadelphia as a whole, hopefully, new legislation will benefit the lives those living in one of America’s most impoverished cities.