“Whack In Spirit:” Metro Boomin Responds To Russ’ Comments On Today’s Hip-Hop Producers


Late last week, a VladTV interview featuring Russ from January 2017 began to recirculate. In the nearly nine-minute excerpt, the rapper attempted to explain how record producers are to blame for the abundance of “whack” music in hip-hop.

“People think you should blame the rappers for the state of hip-hop,” Russ stated. “Rappers are not making the music. You got to blame the producer for making whack s**t. If all I do is rap and the producer sends me a pack of 20 beats and they’re all whack and sound the same… I got to pick the best of the worst.”

This immediately prompted a response from hip-hop’s current super producer, Metro Boomin, who took to Twitter with an edited picture of him holding a card that says “Russ Is Whack.” He described how he meant “whack in spirit,” stopping short of criticizing Russ’ music. However, after he opened the floodgates, several producers such as Frank Dukes and Cardo Got Wings were not as reserved as Metro.

“Russ is a joke. What he said might actually be offensive if he didn’t make rap for people scared of rap,” Dukes tweeted while Cardo added, “Russ and those Walt Disney bars he be spitting can get the f**k on.”

Spectators may feel like this interview is indicative of an “undeserved” arrogance that Russ possesses. This is an attitude that up and coming producer, BigHeadOnTheBeat referenced as he is the one responsible for redistributing this interview.

“I’m not a hater towards Russ’ music or his success,” the producer wrote. “But the corny fact about him always voicing his weak a** opinion, he has a negative corny ‘know it all, I’m perfect but everyone else sucks and hip-hop is ruined’ head-a**, just shut the f**k up.”

Although Russ did attempt to clarify his comments, they could be perceived as evidence of his personality. He highlighted his talents right after explaining how he didn’t “diss” any “dope” producers. Yet, whether he meant to offend anyone or not, being as he is based in Atlanta – the heart of today’s instrumental-driven rap scene – it is safe to say that producer SangoBeats’ reaction sums up this incident.