Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk Loafers Will Be Up For Auction

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You never know what a man’s been through until you step into his shoes, and for Michael Jackson fans they’ll finally have this chance. According to reports buyers will now have the chance to own  the“magic shoes” MJ wore when he first did the now famous moonwalk dance for a “very conservative” $10,000.

According to GWS Auctions Jackson wore the pair of Florsheim Imperial leather loafers while rehearsing for his appearance on the “Motown 25” anniversary special. It was during this 1983 performance of “Billie Jean” that Jackson debuted the reversed-glide now known as the moonwalk, thus, supporting claims the loafers were the ones worn the first-time Jackson successfully completed the famous dance move. Adding to the validity is a letter of authenticity where the King of Pop himself calls the loafers his “magic shoes,”

Since Jackson’s death in 2009, demand for memorabilia has skyrocketed.

“Anything related to Michael Jackson is extraordinary, and to have something so incredibly historical as these shoes worn by Michael when he first did that now famous moonwalk is beyond special,” Brigitte Kruse said in an email to CNN explaining how “honored” her company is to host the auction.

The shoes – which Jackson gave to dancer and choreographer Lester Wilson following the 1983 TV special – are set to hit the auction block on May 26.