Despite Being Banned From Social Media, NBA Youngboy Releases ‘Until Death Calls My Name’ LP


Just weeks after releasing his Money, Power, Respect mixtape, Baton Rouge, LA rapper NBA Youngboy delivers a brand new LP Until Death Calls My Name.

UDCMN tops out at 13 songs, and features the likes features of Birdman, Lil Baby and Future. This effort was lead by the single “Diamond Teeth Sumurai.”

Youngboy’s legal troubles has marred the release of Until Death Calls My Name. On March 19, the rapper was arrested for the aggravated assault and kidnapping of his girlfriend Jania.

In March, a judge added new conditions to his bail such as banning him from using social media and requiring that he cannot leave the Louisiana, reports Baton Rouge Advocate. Obviously, both of the former conditions are instrumental in promoting music.

Stream Until Death Calls My Name below.