New York Supreme Court Rules Its Not “Outrageous” To Remove A Trump Supporter


In Jan 2017 Greg Piatek, a 30-year-old Philadelphian account attempted to sue a Manhattan bar after claiming workers at “The Happiest Hour” refused to serve him because he was wearing one of President Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” hats.

According to the New York Post, the bar’s manager told Paitek “anyone who supports Trump – or believes what you believe – is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” In Piatek’s suit which was based on “being an American,” crumbled when the bar’s lawyer highlighted that only religious beliefs are protected under state and city law. Elizabeth Conway explained to the court that “supporting Trump is not a religion.” This was a tactical use of a technicality as it forced Justice Cohen of the New York Supreme Court to dismiss Piatek’s claims, ruling in the favor of the bar.

“(The) plaintiff does not state any faith-based principle to which the hat relates,” Cohen said in regards to the court’s decision before describing that the unspecified emotional damages amounted to a mere “petty slight.”

Despite this, Piatek’s lawyer said he and his client plan to review Cohen’s decision, but with this ruling coming from the state’s highest court, it is doubtful an appeal will garner different results.

“Here the claim that plaintiff was not served and eventually escorted out of the bar because of his perceived support for President Trump is not outrageous conduct,” Cohen said of the case and the ruling.