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Nicki Minaj Responds To A Fan’s Demand For “Chun-Li” Music Video

On Wednesday (Apr. 25), Nicki Minaj quickly and politely gathered a fan who attempted to tell the New York native how she should handle her music career.

The rapper re-posted a video of Gabrielle Union in which the actress references Nicki’s lyrics to one of the two new songs she released on April 12. Union said that she’s just now getting recognition for her work even though she has a lucrative career and essentially that “she’s been on.” The actress then restated the lyric with her best “Chun-Li impression. Nicki responded by saying, “my boo went on nat’l TV just to let u mf’s know: SHE BEEN ON!!!!! BLEEP U BEEN CORN!!!! #ChunLi is a mood. Get into it! 😩😂 wit da bun on her ninja s**t Aaaaahaaaa!!!!!! @gabunion @sistercircletv

One Instagram user saw the post and told the 35-year-old artist that her fans are still anxiously awaiting the video for Chun-Li and that she needs to post it in order to get a top-five spot. Nicki clapped back and told the fan that a typical outburst of the sort would get her “blickity blocked” but she knew she meant well with the question. She also alluded to the fact that she was disappointed that fans can no longer just enjoy the music and always want the next thing.

Nicki also mentioned that “Queens don’t panic. We raise the bar, then raise it again. We set the trends. then set them again.” She made it very clear to the anxious supporter that she is bound to love the upcoming album and tour but in the meantime, she needs to relax.

#ClapbackSeason: #NickiMinaj said ya’ll need to stop pressing her about this video…it’ll come out soon just enjoy the music 😩 (SWIPE)

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