Global Status: Pitbull Hops On DJ Kass’ Booming Hit, “Scooby Doo Pa Pa (Remix)”


DJ Kass helped push Dembow to center stage with his viral song “Scooby Doo Pa Pa” in 2017. Now it’s set to become a global hit, thanks to Pitbull. Since the song dropped last Fall, Kass’ record has spawned various viral videos, which unfortunately hasn’t been financially beneficial. Earlier this month, the Harlem-born, Bronx-raised artist revealed the struggle of securing the rights for the song after it went viral, and declared that the song was a major move for Dembow, not the genre of reggaeton.

“Dembow is much more fragile and the sounds are different,” Kass told Billboard Latin. “Dembow comes from Santo Domingo and it hasn’t become international and that’s why I’ve declared it’s not reggaeton.”

Months after resolving all his legal issues, Kass is preparing to get the pay out he deserves. The fast-paced club banger, which is inspired by Big Shaq’s “Mans Not Hot,” recently got the remix treatment from Miami’s internationally known hitmaker Pitbull. After debuting the remix live at Alex Sensation’s Miami Bash a few weeks ago, we finally get to enjoy the studio version.

“I’ve got a lot of music that has yet to be heard,” Kass said. “‘Scooby Doo Pa Pa’ is about the beginning of my career and it has opened doors. I’m going to keep doing more music with other artists like Pitbull.”

Watch Pitbull and Kass perform the “Scooby Doo Pa Pa (Remix)” for the first time at Miami Bash, and listen to the song in full below.

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