Premiere: Brooklyn’s Newest Rapstress Lia Givenchy Wants Y’all To Stop “Draggin’ It”


Where’s Brooklyn at? Well, the borough’s newest lyrical lady in Lia Givenchy says “right here,” if you listen to the intro to her latest single, “Draggin’ It”. “This is what Brooklyn sounds like,” says the BK Bomber, laid up on a plush sofa in the video that stresses her allegiance to elegance. Lia, who happened to link with me during our VIBE Style and Sound Honors event a few weeks ago, played some tracks for me during an almighty car test. The speakers rattled with her bars of beauty and knowing how to handle alpha males with ease. I even laughed as she spit lines like, “He put you in a Uber Pool, got you hella mad…” The thing that stood out about her is the fierce focus she has for the goal of being successful in the music industry.

Women are the talk of the Hip-Hop game right now as Nicki Minaj has returned and Cardi B is ruling the charts. One would think that this is the perfect time to rock some rhymes as a woman and Lia is taking full advantage of the moment by releasing the single. “‘Draggin’ It,’ to me, is when fake people show fake love,” says Lia. “They wait till you moving, shaking and growing…then start doing the most because NOW they wanna ‘support.’ I see right through and this song is them.”

It’s going to be a hot summer with women like Lia, aka Baethoven, taking the charge and rocking over hard beats like “Draggin’ It” made by MMG’s Sam Sneak.