Premiere: J’Demul Muses Over The “Bag”

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Hip-hop doesn’t always have to be fun, lyrical nor thought-provoking. Rookie rapper J’Demul takes a break from the former on his new song, “Bag (Untitled).” Instead, the piano-driven self-produced record encourages self-reflection, even as J’Demul rolls through futile, yet enticing, wordplay.

Here, the St. Louis native easily glides over the musing instrumental with ease, touching on topics such as hustling, running from the devil, and cuffing women.

“Devil trying to knock me out of my square but I can’t let him though/Follow me, I can show you things that you never saw/I’m infatuated with diamond rings and exotic cars/She was trying to speak and I acted as if I hear hear her talk,” raps the J.’Demul.

The 22-year-old rapper got his start rapping when he was twelve years old, after the murder of his cousin. His freshman mixtape, #STLAVE, was released back in 2016. #STLAVE is a 14-track offering about the harsh realities of ghetto life.

“That was the mixtape I was truly myself on,” J’DEMUL says via press release. “I was really going through it during the whole writing process. Writing and recording that album was my only way of not losing it.”

He continues:

“When people think of St. Louis, they think of it as a party city,” J’DEMUL says. “But that’s not the entire story of St. Louis. Tat’s only one side. No rapper from my city has ever touched on the things I touch on in my verses.”

Stream “Bag (Untitled)” below.

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