Premiere: PNB Chizz Raps The Rugged And Raw Days In New “My Block” Video


In a recent IG post on his page, Philly’s PNB Chizz announces, “Faith and god. I ain’t got to do no time for my stupid past mistakes. Got my ass in shape, y’all can keep that street shit. I’m on a new page on a new note…” Having that new found focused mental can be heard in this new video by the reality rapper. With the visual starting with his player patna PNB Rock explaining where the PNB pre-fix stems from location wise, Chizz wanted to set the tone about the area that he and his brother in arms are from. Like many young dudes from the hood, the bonds you make in the street before the fame and fortune are the ones that fuel you in all aspects, be it the hate or the love, it’s all relative in nature.

Seeing how Chizz is on schedule every few weeks dropping new material, you can tell that the ultimate glow up is in progress. A laid back smooth track with sad strings make the lyrics more impactful. Listen to the lines that shout out the ones that are mad at his come up and the angels that continue to guide his moves toward his goals. “My Block” is the soundtrack to those that are looking for more than the four corners that define your starting point.