Premiere: StarrZ & President Davo Roam Free In A Supermarket For ‘9 To 5′ Visual

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Baltimore native StarrZ has a pretty strong idea about his direction in rap. His single “9 to 5″ shows it as he and President Davo exchange bars about achieving their dreams. For the visual, the two decided to get a little creative by making a supermarket their playground.

Produced by Raeshad Beats, the track is all about living above the normal 9 to 5 work climate. StarrZ tells VIBE via email how the song was also inspired by the many women in his life.“What inspired this song was honestly being around hard-working people, whether it’s my mom, my best friend, or even my neighbor who all hate their jobs and are all trying to become more,” StarrZ explains. “Bossing up and becoming whatever, they dreamed of because that’s what life is about. Ambitious Entrepreneurs all around the world will be able to play this loud and proud knowing they are working towards their life’s purpose.”

The video kicks off with StarrZ and Davo pulling up to the Giant grocery store to start their night shift. Things take a turned up twist as we watch the crew and their friends practically turn the store into a whole mini-club (and you’d do the same you’d have a whole grocery store to yourself too). “9 to 5″‘s visual captures the pride enduring, yet black boy joy energy of the record and turns it into an eclectic celebration for making money moves.

StarrZ may ring a few bells. He was a constant on Oxygen’s Lat Squad Standing, where he and other squads competed for $100,000. After he was eliminated, StarzZ took the loss and made it into a lesson. “I’ve grown to love this place and I love the people so it’s definitely a lot to deal with but at the end of the day, everybody gotta go home one day,” he somberly stated as he was eliminated. His team did go on to win the cash.

StarrZ also explained the concept of the celebratory record’s video as he aimed to deliver something relatable, rather than going the cliched route.

“The concept for this video was to make something that was very relatable,” he explained. “We could have easily made a video flashing money and jewelry with beautiful women popping bottles at some club but it was bigger than that for me. This song is an anthem for all people who hate their 9-5 and want to boss up. So, I wanted to show us in that same setting. Working a 9-5. and what better visual than a Super Market.”

Check out the fun video treatment for “9 To 5″ below.