Premiere: Watch Canada’s Newest Crooner Langston Francis Take You On His “Fall From Grace”


Let’s face facts…Drake is the man in Toronto. It’s been like that for a while now, damn near a decade if we want to be real about. With so many voices coming out of the T-Dot (Tory Lanez, Weeknd, etc.), it’s refreshing to know that a youngin’ from the North has his eyes on the prize as well.

Everyone, meet 16-year-old Langston Francis. He’s new to the scene and looks to be around for sometime out here. Get used to him, cus judging from his cinematic music video for his single “Fall From Grace”, the young man has some acting chops to explore as well. Going from love to heartache and keeping a straight face throughout is a skill that only true players can manage, so kudos to Lang’ for keeping it player in his scenes. Yet, the feel of the visual has an outdoorsy post-teenage clothing brand mood, you can still get into the fact that Lang is trying on his ladies man swag. He’ll easily grow into heartthrob status…most of those Toronto dudes do, it must be something in the water. So be on the look out for the smokey voiced guy with the curly hair and low-key flair. Those are the heart stealers.

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**opening for @romes the other night

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