Prince’s Official Memoirs To Be Released Later This Year


It looks like Prince’s memoirs will see the light of day. Variety reports that The Purple One struck a deal with ICM Partners shortly before his untimely passing in 2016 to come up with a project that he was “committed to.”

During Variety’s chat with ICM Partners’ Esther Newborn during their podcast “Strictly Business,” the deal was orchestrated between Prince and a few editors, and they met at his Paisley Park compound in Minneapolis.

“It’s never been done before,” Newborn said in regard to the pitch process. “Editors don’t like to be in the same room making their pitches to the same potential clients. We had to do it because I knew he would not want to meet individually with editors.”

According to Newborn, 50 handwritten manuscript pages were written before he died, and he was set on working with author Dan Piepenbring. The book is reportedly expected to be released around the holiday season this year, and “may include reproductions of Prince’s longhand pages.”

Glimpses into Prince’s life since his death have been scarce, however, between the memoirs and the release of a British documentary chronicling the Purple Rain musician’s last year should give fans and those interested in his life the perspective they’re looking for.

Listen to the podcast below.