Rachel Dolezal Does Hair Now And Black Women Are Lining Up


If you’re looking for some one to do your faux locks, color weaves, and cornrows, you can now look no further than Rachel Dolezal’s kitchen. Yep, you heard it right – Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP president who notoriously lied about being black, has a hair styling business, and apparently black women are lining up.

According to a series of photos Dolezal shared online, she offers a variety of styles. She reportedly offers an array of cornrows and plaits, faux dreads, weaves, and coloring. And surprisingly, she isn’t bad.

In one photo on Instagram, a woman is seen rocking a full head of neatly twisted faux dreads. In others, Dolezal boasts about her hair dying technique. There’s a rainbow of colors including royal blue, lizard green, and more. “Where the magic happens #timetowork #hairchair #morebraidingtoday,” she wrote in the caption of a photo she shared on Apr. 9.

As you could imagine, Twitter has mixed feelings about Dolezal’s hidden talent. Many of them clowned her, while others celebrated how good she is.

Check out  some of Rachel Dolezal’s in-kitchen styles and fan reactions below.




Jumbo twists by yours truly #naturalbeauty

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