Premiere: 'Rico Love Presents' Debuts Black Mirror-Inspired Visual For TXS's "Do Good"

Rico Love is shifting the spotlight from himself and onto emerging artists like TXS for the first installment of his series.

For well over a decade, Rico Love has consistently made stellar musical contributions to black music with a gold (and platinum) catalog of solo R&B hits and collaborations with an A-list line up of musicians like Beyoncé, Usher, French Montana, A$AP Rocky, and countless others. Now, the Grammy award-winning artist is striving to achieve his "ultimate goal" of paving the way for the next generation of talent through the first installment of his Rico Love Presents series, a visual for TXS’s (pronounced “Texas”) new single, “Do Good.”

“What I’m doing is I’m finding acts who I believe in. I admire DJ Khaled for his ear and ability to find perfect hits, but what I want to do in that sense is create the perfect record for an artist and put it under my platform and give them a chance to be seen and heard by the world. But it has to be exceptionally talented people. When I found TXS, I literally named her TXS, and I said, ‘You know what? We got to come up with something dope that’s authentic, real and defining.' I wrote the treatment for the video [and] came up with the visual concepts."

Directed by Parris Stewart, the eerily captivating video and its stylish display of seduction catch us off guard as the songstress appears donning a white swimsuit atop a matching white horse, symbolic of the "Lone Star State" itself. The all-white, macabre visual portrays how it really feels to witness and/or be a man experiencing ghastly (and very painful looking) methods of torture, both psychologically and physically.

Rico Love explains how the concept of "Do Good" was not only the physical manifestation of TXS's lyrics, but also drew inspiration from her home state of Texas and a Netflix original series, when displaying the track's most prominent themes.

“Basically, the name of TXS's project is Everything Is Bigger and I was playing off [the phrase] ‘Everything Is Bigger in Texas.’ I thought, what would be something that would represent the "Lone Star State?" And [then] I thought, a horse! I was inspired by the Netflix show Black Mirror and [I asked], 'how could we put somebody through the worst torture ever mentally with them not knowing whether or it's real or it's not?'" recalls the producer-songwriter.

"When you look at the visual and she shows up on this horse, you see the horse as this guy is getting tortured, but you never see her touching him because it's acknowledging his presence. It's a mental torture. What is she doing? Is this real, is this really happening or is this all a part of his imagination? Is he going to keep reliving this pain? The irony of it is the sting hurts too good. [She says] I don't care, I don't care. But her actions aren't there [she's] upset and furious. It's to play off the lyrics of the song and this creates something that I believe is artistic."

The visual masterfully captures the record's nonchalant, brooding tone and all too familiar themes of when a woman has finally hit her breaking point in a relationship. It brings to life what many women go through internally when they've finally called it quits with a fuccboi.

“The identity behind that record is me painting a picture of who I believe the artist TXS is. I build on her energy and try to create an ascetic, an ambiance, a scene, a plot. All of those things that makes for an incredible artist. I look at an artist, I study them. And then I say this is how I would interpret them," he explains. “So, the meaning and intention behind “Do Good” is just the attitude of a woman who says, "I’m sick of going back and forth. You know what, I hope you do good. I’m done, live your life, [just] do good.”

The "They Don't Know" hitmaker goes on to explain the purpose of the Rico Love Presents series as he reveals that he's never had the opportunity to break his own artist before, despite his own success as a producer and solo artist. And he's going about that by searching for the most talented rising artists across the country, developing a unique and well-made record and visual for them, and giving them a platform to share their talents with the world.

“With Rico Love Presents, [I'm] finding incredibly talented artists who I believe deserve a shot. One thing I've never been able to do is to break an artist and that's been my ultimate goal. I've had success as a songwriter and producer and even success as an artist, but I've never been able to break an artist. [I want] what Timbaland had with Aaliyah, what Pharrell had with Clipse and Kelis. I want to be able to have and develop artists, give them a foundation and an opportunity to be heard. Instead of me saying, 'Let me focus on this one artist,' let me create this platform and allow them a chance to be seen and heard and then let them go about their way. If they decide they want to learn under my tutelage, that's great. But if not, I did my part and introduced them to the world and give them the opportunity to move forward on their own."

TXS's latest project, Everything's Bigger is now available on SpotifyApple Music, and Tidal. Watch her alluring music video above from the Rico Love Presents series.

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Premiere: Leslie Odom Jr. Provides Easing Mantras On Comeback Single "Under Pressure"

There's a climatic aura surrounding Leslie Odom Jr.'s new single "Under Pressure." Blame the favorable string instruments or the singer's light falsetto. Whatever it is, fans will enjoy the ride to clarity.

Produced by Theron “Neff-U” Feemster and Joseph Abate, the Grammy-winning artist takes a slight pivot from jazz into a traditional R&B format as he sings about the perils that come with success as well as internal strife. The thoughtful single was one of the last songs completed for Odom Jr's new project.

Setting up creative shop in George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, the album is not only an array of emotions from Odom Jr. but stories that weave together his evolution.

"Under Pressure was one of the last songs we wrote for the record," Odom Jr. tells VIBE about the creation process with executive producers Joseph Abate and Steve Greenberg. "It came together after we’d spent some hours getting to know one another and we were comfortable with each other. Once you’re comfortable you can start asking, 'Ok so, what scares you?'"

The project also warranted emotional reactions from his tribe. "I played the record for my family this past week. My mom and my sister cried. My dad broke down which songs he thought were the “hits.” [Laughs] Writing the music started in such a personal way. Feels appropriate to share it with the people closest to me before we share it with the world. I hope everyone likes it. I really do. But if for some reason “the world” didn’t, I think I could rest knowing that it touched the people who’ve known and held me up the longest."

But "Under Pressure" won't give you anxiety. Throughout the track, Odom Jr.'s voice is complimented well with orchstrated production that includes violins, cellos and deep horns. It's a refreshing feeling only Odom Jr. can deliver.

Known for his iconic time on Hamilton, the award-winning entertainer has released two jazz albums including his self-titled debut album in 2014 and an amazing Christmas album titled Simply Christmas in 2016. Both albums topped Billboard's Jazz Albums chart.

Enjoy "Under Pressure" below.


Produced by: Theron “Neff-U” Feemster and Joseph Abate Executive producers: Joseph Abate, Leslie Odom Jr. and Steve Greenberg

Violins: Bruce Dukov , Alyssa Park , Charlie Bishara, Jessive Guidero, Lucia Micarelli, Phil Levy, Tammy Hatwan, Sara Parks Violas: Zach Dellinger, Shawn Mann Cello: Jake Braun Horns: Dylan Hart, Steve Becknell, Rob Schaer , Jonah Levy, Steve Suminski, Steve Holtman, Woodwinds: Heather Clark, Julie Burket, Lara Wickes, Stuart Clark, Don Foster, Dan Higgins Background Vocals: Suzanne Waters Orchestrations by: Bill Elliott, Gordon Goodwin

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In a statement to VIBE, Next Town Down gushed about their major-label debut and working with Grammy-nominated crooner 6LACK. “It was insane to work with 6LACK on our first major-label release. We look up to him and his artistry and he really took the record to another level,” they said. The guys signed a deal at RCA, home to other popular acts like Childish Gambino, SZA, Zayn Malik, Miguel and Usher.

“It is our dream to sign at RCA, the home of R&B and of truly legendary artists like Chris Brown and Usher who made us all dream of pursuing careers in music," they said. "We are grateful to the entire RCA team for this enormous opportunity to be a once in a generation R&B group.”

Their "Evolution of Boybands" video helped boost their image with over 20 million views. In addition to big co-signs from "boy band" legends like Ricky Bell, Donnie Wahlberg, and *NSYNC, they're working hard to make their own lane.


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jus about ready to take over the damn world

A post shared by NTD (@nexttowndown) on Aug 7, 2019 at 4:34pm PDT

Enjoy the visuals for "Easy" below.

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