Rihanna Triggers New Music Rumors Following Cryptic Post On Instagram

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For the past two years, Rihanna has given us an award-winning beauty brand and stellar, trend-setting fashion. Although it seems like we’ve seen a lot of from the Fenty maven lately, the only thing we haven’t gotten from Rih is Fenty music. But that may change sooner than we think. The singer has many fans thinking that an album or at least a new single is on the way after she posted a cryptic message on Instagram on Apr. 17.

“Didn’t they tell u,” Riri wrote on Instagram. The caption is attached to a curated photo of two televisions stacked on top of each other. It’s unclear what “something” she’s referring to, but one fan point out the fact that her caption was alluding to the lyrics from her 2016 hit single, “Needed Me,” which was off her eighth studio album, Anti.

If this post is gearing up for new material, it could be a number of things. It could be a follow-up to Anti or merely a new single. Earlier this year, there were also reports that Rihanna was collaborating with R&B songstress H.E.R. on a “secret project,” although it’s unclear if that will manifest into a full body of work or just another track.

On the other hand, this could all just be a false alarm. In the comments section of her latest photo, one fan pointed out that it could be gearing up for her reported lingerie line that was rumored to be in the works.

It looks like we won’t know until Rihanna decides to tell us.¬†Hopefully it’s music though, because the world is ready.

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