Russ Is The Latest Rapper To Go Platinum With No Features


Russ is riding a wonderful high. His debut album There’s Really A Wolf has proven to be a hit, going platinum this week and putting him in the elite group of rappers who have gone platinum without any features.

On Wednesday (April 18) the Recording Industry Association announced the Atlanta native’s platinum status. His singles “What They Want,” and “Losin’ Control” previously sold over a million copies, shutting down his critics. The talented artist pulled together the 20-track LP in a solo-dolo fashion, completely producing, engineering and mastering the album by himself. Taking to Twitter, the rapper celebrated his new achievement while giving advice to those chasing their dreams.

“Sellin[g] 50k first week and doin 1,000,000 within a year is a testament to how amazing y’all are,” he tweeted. “This is a dream come true, literally. Thank you forreal. This for the kids in their basement who don’t know anyone and got people tellin them they need this person and that person to make their music etc…you can do that shit yourself and be successful. Keep goin!! Love y’all.”

He recently spoke to students at NYU on his crafty “DIY” approach. “It was just a means of survival,” he said via Variety. “When you’re sitting in the basement trying to get on, you have no choice — you’ve gotta figure out how to make a song. ‘I’ve gotta bang on these buttons until it sounds good.’ What inspired me was the love of making music and having no one around and just saying ‘I’ve gotta figure this out.'” He added how listening to his intuition lead him to everything he’s asked for.

“Advice number one: listen to your gut — it’s never gonna lead you wrong,” he said. “Number two: trust yourself. The root of everything is self-belief. You know what you like, you don’t have to worry about competing with other people — compete with yourself and be better than you were before.”

Russ joins the small group of rap wordsmiths who’ve sold a million units without any features. The famously include J.Cole (2014 Forest Hills Drive, 4 Your Eyez Only) Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the Wu Tang, Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, LL Cool J’s Bigger and Deffer (BAD) and Vanilla Ice’s To The Extreme. 

He also performed for the first time at Coachella last weekend, with festival attendees reciting nearly every word of his jams.


He also hilariously thanked those who helped put the album together, which was himself.