Russ Warned Not To Speak On Black Producers ‘At All’

Music News

One corner of the hip-hop community is tired of Russ’ seemingly endless stream of critiques. Right around the time the rapper and producer began celebrating his album There’s Really A Wolf going platinum with no features a la J. Cole, a year-old interview he did with VladTV resurfaced. In it, Russ points to producers, not rappers, as the main reason why hip-hop is inundated with “whack” music. Metro Boomin humorously responded on Twitter by saying Russ is “whack in spirit” (he allegedly hasn’t listened to any of his music) while a host of other music makers from Sango to TM88 to Waka Flocka acknowledged that Russ should tread lightly with those claims.

Today (April 24), Atlanta-bred producer Southside got even more specific with his warning words for Russ. During an Instagram Live session, he cautioned Russ, a white man, against talking down on a genre birthed, popularized and populated by people of color. Especially since, as a whole, the genre has shifted to adapt with the times.

“Don’t speak on black producers at all, and I’m gonna say this sh*t the last time because you’re not black, don’t speak on black producers, bro,” he said. “Saying that there are no more Dr. Dres, there are no more Timbalands, there are no more this, there are no more that. You’re right, n***a. There are no more of them at all. All those n***as you speaking on are 50 years or better. They are the OGs, we respect them, but music has changed and it has shifted. You sound stupid, bro.”

Amidst all the controversy, Russ heads out on his I See Your Tour next month.