Sabrina Claudio Dragged For Racist Social Media Comments


If we’ve learned anything about the Internet, it’s that anything typed in darkness will eventually come to light- especially for people in the public eye.

21-year-old musician Sabrina Claudio is being accused of disparaging comments towards black women and dark-skinned Latinas, as well as using the n-word both before fame and in the current spotlight.

The About Time songbird reportedly ran a Twitter account under the handle @ODamnYourUgly, and made the grave mistake of not deleting some old tweets. She admitted to the account after a conversation with a fan.

Some of the unearthed material included frequent use of the n-word and discussing how “it must suck to be a black girl with no booty.” This year, she also wrote on Instagram that someone was a “sweaty chonga.”

While the tweets have since been deleted, many have taken issue with the fact that Claudio, who is Cuban and Puerto Rican, did not actually apologize for her comments.

“Youre telling me instead of apologizing and accepting that she was being racist, sabrina claudio deleted her old tweets? how you gonna acknowledge them but not apologize,” one Twitter user wrote. Another commented, “Sabrina Claudio is cancelled. Used to have a whole hate account against black women. The same people who are now the biggest supporters of her music.”

Claudio has not commented on the matter.

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