Sacramento Officers Involved In Stephon Clark’s Death Reportedly Muted Body Cam Microphones


Sacramento’s police department released over 15 hours of body camera video footage on Monday (Apr. 16), that show audio-less clips and officers asking to mute their body cam microphones when talking to each other. NBC reports both officers that fired at Stephon Clark muted their microphones minutes after the fatal shots.

The 22-year-old unarmed black man was also shown lying lifeless for more than five minutes before being administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which if done sooner, might have increased his probability of survival.

Clark was shot eight times by police officers in his grandmother’s backyard. Officers were responding to calls of car break-ins when they chased Clark across the neighborhood. They fired shots when they believed he had a gun. Only a cell phone was found.

A private autopsy report performed by Dr. Bennet Omalu found Clark was shot once on the side and six times in the back. “Not an instantaneous death,” he died three to 10 minutes later.

The Sacramento police department has taken action against the body camera loophole, and issued an order requiring officers to “audibly record on that camera the reason for the deactivation and muting before ever muting.”

The newly released 911 call also finds Clark was beating on his grandparents’ window, presumably asking to be let inside, before he was shot, according to NBC.