070 Shake, G.O.O.D. Music’s Rising Star, Drops ‘I AM SHAKE’ Documentary


Just a mere week ago, rising newcomer Shake blessed fans with her new EP Glitter where she tackled her bouts with sexuality, drugs and being misunderstood. Throughout the span of her young career, the G.O.O.D Music artist has increased a penchant for telling stories of those who are stuck in the margins of society. She denounces the unfair trappings of capitalism, and the harsh realities that stem from those stark chasms that separate the wealthy from the poor.

In a new short documentary, I AM SHAKE, fans see the New Jersey native in her comfort zone spewing out reasons why she wants to put her home state on the map. She also engaged in a protest which was stopped by the police—and her mother gets airtime revealing Shake’s issues in high school.

The doc has a gritty feel to it coupled with strong images of youth empowerment. At every attempt she gets, Shake aims to share a poignant social message. “I’m here for a reason and it is to make more than just music. It stands for more than just money, more than just physical things,” she says. “If you’re here talking about gun violence and chains and all that s**t, it’s going to make people think that’s what you need to be happy. If you talk about love, it’s what the world is missing.”