“F**k The Migos” SOB X RBE Claim They’re The “Hottest” Rap Group


On Lil Wayne’s Dedication 2, Weezy boldly claimed he was the best rapper, and his words were personified Sunday (Apr. 8) when the upcoming super-group, SOB x RBE, threw rocks when they alleged they’re “hotter” than the Migos.

“You can tell the Migos we’re the hottest group in the game. On my momma,” Yhung T.O., a member of the Vallejo, CA collective exclaimed during a concert in Santa Ana, CA. “And since the only n****s we competing with is the Migos, f**k the Migos,” T.O. added before the DJ dropped the beat to “Paramedic,” their standout single from the K. Dot curated The Black Panther Album.


Although this seems like SOB x RBE are merely shooting bullets in the sky, the members’ solo and group projects are sweeping through The West and Midwest, helping them amass a cult-like following. The group has since been added to Post Malone’s nationwide tour, and by gunning for the Migos’ spot SOB x RBE is not only showing confidence in their trajectory they are also keeping alive the competitive spirit that hip-hop was built on.

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