The ‘Squat And Squint Woman’ Knows Full-Well Of Her Meme Status


We don’t know about you, but we at VIBE believe that 2018 has been a stellar year so far in terms of Internet memes. It seems as though every other week, a new LOL- worthy photo, video or GIF makes the rounds. The latest one that has us doubled over at our desks is the “squat and squint woman.”

The photo in particular involves a young woman leaning down, eyes squinted and mouth agape, as she perceivably looks in the distance for something with both vigor and confusion. The Internet’s best comedians have taken the photo and run with it, creating some incredible posts.

The young woman in the photo, Kalin Elisa, is fully aware of her newfound fame.

“LMAO!! I do know this. I just don’t know where all I’ve spread to now,” she wrote in response to a person asking if she knew she was Internet famous. Elisa also has a pretty solid intention, that certainly comes with her notoriety- to make people smile.

“My goal is life to put as many smiles on as many faces as I can before I leave this earth,” she wrote. “This has been a treat for my soul!”

Could Elisa join the ranks of Kayode Ewumi (the Roll Safe Meme), Drake and Meek Mill (“Back To Back“) and Diddy lounging on the steps? Only time will tell, but we’re loving this right now. Check out some of our favorite “Squat and Squint” memes below.