T.I. Was Less Than Sympathetic To Learn Safaree Was Robbed At Gunpoint


If Safaree Samuels was hoping T.I. would offer a shoulder to lean on, or kind words following being held at gunpoint during a robbery earlier this week, Samuels better think again. On Tuesday (April 3) the rapper and VH1 reality star revealed he wasn’t harmed during the ordeal, but the experience left him traumatized.

“Two dudes with two guns just ran up on me,” Samuels said while speaking to Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez.  “[They] had me facedown on the floor with a gun to my head. They took everything.”

T.I. however could care less that Samuels lost $183,000 in cash and jewelry, and offered no sympathy at all when he took to social media “Cold world,” the Us or Else rapper captioned under one of Samuels’ post. “Get a sweater.”

The reported 2AM robbery left Samuels shaken up, and and made him think of his uncle who was killed during a robbery.


Samuels said losing his possessions isn’t the worst of the ordeal, wondering if he’d be killed however, was.

“I’m not crying over jewelry, that’s material, but being face down and not knowing if you’re about to get shot in the back of the head is the most traumatic thing I’ve ever had to deal with,”Samuels said. “Thanks God I’m still alive, they want me broken but all they did was make a beast out of me.”