Fans Were Not Here For Taylor Swift’s Cover Of This Earth, Wind, & Fire Classic

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Taylor Swift does it again.

The controversial pop  star is the center of discussion once again after she released a new Spotify Singles EP on Apr. 13. A singer making music doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, but on this particular playlist, the star shares a cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s classic 1971 hit, “September.” And according to Twitter, she may have missed the mark.

In contrast to the original single’s upbeat and funky rhythm, Swift slows down the pace, swapping out the instrumentals for an acoustic guitar. If you’re familiar with T. Swift’s discography, you’ll know that her rendition sounds similar to her first albums and singles. It’s soft, country, and should serve as the backdrop for a modern day Romeo and Juliet running through an incredibly long meadow and into each other’s arms.

In addition to switching up the flow, the singer also noticeably alters one of the track’s crucial lines. Instead of singing “Do you remember the 21st night of September,” she changes the date to: “28th night of September.” The motive behind that lyric swap has not been confirmed, but many believe it could be a reference to her relationship with her current boyfriend.

As you could probably imagine, Twitter is not feeling Swift’s country spin. A number of critics hopped on the social platform to voice their frustrations with the cover as well as rehash the conversation about white artists covering black music.

Listen to the cover here, and see the reactions below.