Memphis Teacher Caught On Video Dragging 7-Year-Old Boy Off School Bus By His Feet


A Memphis elementary school teacher was caught on tape dragging a 7-year-old boy off of a school bus by his feet, leaving the child with bruises and a concussion.

Kimberly Hardin, the boy’s mother, wants the unidentified teacher to be fired, and plans to press charges over the incident, which occurred on April 12, and is under investigation by the Shelby County school district.

The teacher has been placed on leave.

Hardin’s son told her about the altercation but she didn’t believe him until being contacted by a parent whose son recorded the footage on his cell phone. The parent sent the video to Hardin who later forwarded it to Fox 13 Memphis.

“Another parent of a child at the school contacted me Friday evening, and she said she had video of the teacher dragging my soon of the school bus. Her son recorded it,” she told the news station.

According to a statement from the Shelby County Schools, the unnamed teacher at Robert R. Church Elementary was “breaking up a fight,” when he manhandled the child. Hardin maintains that her son wasn’t involved in the scuffle, and that the district didn’t inform her of the incident until days later.

In the recording, the boy can be heard telling the teacher “get your hands off me,” and screaming “no!” as he’s being dragged out of his seat.

“They said he had bruises and a concussion. Because of the way he was dragged, he hit his head,” added Hardin. “I feel bad. I didn’t believe my child.”

Hardin says her son is scared to go back to school and encourages parents to believe their children.

Watch the footage below.

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