The Internet Makes A Funky Return With “Roll (Burbank Funk)”


The Internet has been really quiet since receiving their Grammy nomination for 2015’s Ego Death. The Calif. collective hasn’t released any albums since. Last week, Internet announced that they would be releasing a brand new song soon. Today (April 26), the group made good on their promise.

Their new song, “Roll (Burbank Funk),” is a funky non-lyric track made for those who like to own dance floors.

The verses are simple: “Listen to your heart/Listen to your heart/What’s it saying?”

And the song’s chorus is just as easy.

“Catch stars, up high/Hear it in your heart/We’re up, so high/Hear it in your heart/I wanna fly/Check your voice, girl/Hear your heart go/On, on, on, on, on/On, on, on, on, on/Hear your heart go.On and on and on and on.”

Stream ” “Roll (Burbank Funk)” below.